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Nov 03, 2015

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September 27, 2015

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Nate Shinagawa Announces Run for County Legislature Representing Fall Creek

On September 16, 2015, former Tompkins County Legislator Nate Shinagawa (D-4), announced that he will run in the special election to fill the vacancy in the 2nd District caused by Kathy Luz Herrera’s resignation.

“For the past ten years on the Legislature, I’ve listened closely to City residents and learned so much about what people love, and also want to see positively change, in Ithaca,” said Shinagawa, “With their help, I’ve successfully worked for affordable housing, living wage jobs, law enforcement accountability and sustainable, community-driven growth. I’d like to continue this work for the next two years while I fulfill the remainder of Kathy Luz Herrera’s term.”

For the past four years, Nate Shinagawa has owned a home in Fall Creek. He first bought a home there in 2011 when his sister and her partner sought a place to live but could not afford the high rents in Ithaca. Since then, the home also served as a place for his young, teenage brothers to live when they came under Nate’s care in 2013.

“My family has lived in Fall Creek for the past four years,” said Shinagawa, “I know that it’s very uncommon for a legislator to move districts but all that separates the two districts is the road between the sidewalks of Farm St. The progressive causes I’ve advocated for, like affordable housing and living wage jobs, are the same issues across the street."

Nate has been a resident of Ithaca for the past 13 years.  He has served as a county legislator for the past 10 years.  He is currently the Chair of the Public Safety Committee and working closely with the sheriff to bring body cameras online. Last year, he served as the Government Operations Chair and helped establish and guide a $100,000 fund to bring employees of county contractors up to a living wage.  Outside of his work in the Legislature, he currently serves as Vice President of Hospital Operations for Robert Packer Hospital. He holds a Bachelor's Degree and Master's in Health Administration  from Cornell University. In 2012, he was the Democratic Nominee for United States Congress for New York's 23rd district.


September 27, 2015

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Living Wage

Nate believes that everyone should be able to earn enough to take care of themselves and their families.

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