Calling All Candidates.
And Every Voter.

It's democracy's turn for an upgrade.

We give every candidate in every election a free campaign website and every voter the ability to make a difference through quick online actions.

Let’s get started.

Coming Soon
An even better
One year ago we started by connecting every candidate, political organization and voter around quick and easy actions that make a big difference in elections.
Now we’re set to launch an even better that will provide a one-stop-shop for civic life.
From registering to vote to getting a pothole fixed to connecting with people in your community who care about the same issues you do, it's all about to get easier.
Coming Fall 2014

Run Like
A President

Whether you’re running for Congress or Sheriff, now every candidate can have a presidential presence online. Quick set-up. Easy online donations. And it’s FREE.

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  • Take A Stand

    Candidates define themselves through their campaign profile. Voters decide who they want to support.

  • Take Action

    Donate, volunteer and spread the word. Small online actions make a big difference in elections.

  • Connect

    Simple but powerful social outreach tools help candidates and their supporters build a winning campaign.