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Nov 03, 2015

61days until next election

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The 2015 Municipal League Candidate Rating are out and Mark Koppang is rated VERY GOOD!!

2015 Municipal League Candidate Ratings are out and Mark Koppang is rated VERY GOOD!

In June the Municipal League conducted its annual review of candidates for local office in King County. This year’s committee’s rated over 80 candidates running for local office. Mark is appreciative of the dedicated volunteers who make the Municipal League the valued independent evaluator of candidates voters can look to when making their decisions about who is best qualified to serve.

About the Municipal League Ratings

While the Municipal League Ratings are not endorsements they are informed assessments of each candidate’s potential to be effective in office as well as their ability to serve the community. The ratings are based on a questionnaire completed by each candidate, a thorough background check, and phone interviews of each candidates chosen supporters. The evaluation is concluded with a half hour panel interview at the conclusion of the process. The ratings are as follows:

Outstanding – Has made numerous outstanding contributions requiring skills related to the office, is a path-finding and respected leader, brings knowledge and creativity to issues facing the office.

Very Good – Makes significant contributions, is a skilled builder of consensus, inspires confidence in the way they would serve, is thorough and attentive to issues.

Good – Has been active and effective in many roles, is capable of moving people to productive action, has strong record of participation in problem solving, shows satisfactory commitment to tackling issues.

Adequate – Has a record of participation and interest, is effective on specific issues, has provoked questions about suitability as an office holder, will need significant time/energy to fill gaps in knowledge.

Not Qualified – Doesn’t appear engaged, has a record that casts doubt on ability to be productive, hasn’t demonstrated ability to deal with responsibilities of office, has narrow focus, inflexible attitude or is otherwise troubling.

Insufficient Information – when the CEC determines, after diligent investigation, that it has no more information about the candidate than an uninformed voter would have. A candidate who fails to complete a candidate questionnaire or is not interviewed or both may still be rated when the Committee has obtained information about the candidate through its other sources of information.

How did the rest of the Candidates Rate?

Mark was one of only two candidates in the Federal Way city council races to be rated Very Good. With the exception of council member Dini Duclos, who was rated Outstanding, the remainder of the candidates were rated Good, Adequate, or Not Qualified. To see the candidate ratings yourself you can go to:



July 6, 2015

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Make Your Voice Heard by Voting!

Voter Information

To get registered to vote go to:

For the November 3rd General Election, the deadline to register on-line is October 5th.

Also, make sure you let King County Elections know if you have moved or changed your name. Doing this will insure you receive the correct ballot for your local races.

You can check the status of your voter registration by going to:

By entering your name and date of birth your current voting inormation will be displayed.

You can also call King County Elections at 206-296-8683 if you need help with voting registration or have other questions.

While this process can be a bit of hassle, doing so gives you a voice in creating a future in Federal Way we can all be proud of.

March 22, 2015

Updated Issues

Opportunity for All

A day shelter would provide the hand up the homeless in our community need to improve their lives.

March 15, 2015

Updated Issues

Expanding the Safe City Program

As a member of the council I would support expanding the Safe City program to all residential neighborhoods that want it.

March 14, 2015

Updated Issues

Parks Add Value to Our City

Providing places of beauty and recreation to enjoy is a priority that serves every citizen in Federal Way.

March 14, 2015

Updated Issues

Developing our Downtown

Creating a vibrant downtown we drive to, not through.

March 14, 2015

Updated Issues

Federal Way Means Opportunity

Creating a business friendly environment that brings opportunity and jobs to our city.

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