The Platform for the People

Needs A Reboot.

We are the Platform For The People. We leverage technology to empower a democracy that is responsive all citizens. We make it EASY for citizens, organizations and public officials to CONNECT, TAKE ACTION and CREATE IMPACT on any issue.

How it works

We make citizen action as easy as buying a book online.
The process is called FIND. ACT. RALLY.


We start with the largest dataset of civic and political engagement opportunities ever built (5 million in the US alone) which allows anyone to instantly FIND the right opportunity on any issue, initiative or election - or create a new one!


You can donate to a cause, organize a march, volunteer for a campaign, RSVP to an event, sign a petition, run for once, start a new organization to fix a problem - All of this and more on a site where you can connect to millions of people who feel the same way you do.


After you’ve taken action, in one click you RALLY your networks to join you, maximizing impact and allowing you to follow in real time the viral success of what you’ve started.

We’re asking for your help.

Our beta site won awards for innovation and helped over a million users. Now we need your help to finish and launch our next generation platform, which is 70% complete.

Please donate now to help us reach our $1 million fundraising goal!

Donate to Democracy.

What you get with your donation:

$25 or more

Your name will live forever on our co-founders page in appreciation!

$100 or more

The above + a free t-shirt!

$250 or more

All the above + a free lifetime upgrade on the new site ($29 per month value)!

$1,000 or more

All the above + a permanent seat on our citizen advisory board

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